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When we first meet

Typically when I first meet you we will discuss what you are looking for and I will tell you about myself and my methods.  If you are comfortable and feel I can help you and my skills as a therapist meet your needs, we will proceed to the next stages of our first meeting, paperwork and assessment.


Some of the paperwork can be done prior to the first meeting and brought in with you.  Please see the forms section of my website. 

Our second meeting

By the end of the second session I should have an idea of how best to help you with the goals we have identified during the session.  We should have a basic plan as to how to proceed. Know, however, I am always amending the assessment based on our understanding of your thoughts, behaviors and as more detail of your history are processed.  A diagnosis is necessary not only to direct a plan for treatment but is required by insurance companies to show why treatment is necessary. 

Working together

We will work towards the goals we agree upon.  It is important you feel you are making progress, that there is a clear plan to move forward, and a clear idea what you and your life will be like by the end of therapy. 
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